Student Development

Student Development Department


This department has a crucial role to play in helping us meet our goal of ‘Success For All’.  Student Development have a range of responsibilities within the School.


Student Development Department Staff


Miss Hope - Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Ms Roult - Senior Lead Co-educator

Mrs Hayward - Co-educator

Mrs Debono - Co-educator

Mrs Prockter - Co-educator

Miss Prockter - Co-educator

Mrs Saunderson - Co-educator

Mrs Dormer - Co-educator

Mrs Croucher - Co-educator and EAL specialist

Mrs Scuipider - EAL specialist and SDD Teacher

Miss Smith - SDD Teacher

Miss Meek - SDD Teacher

Mrs Ellis -  SDD Assessment Co-ordinator (Access and Exam Arrangements)

Mrs Staggs -  Lead Inclusion Practitioner

Mrs Gavin - SDD Admin Assistant 


ARP Staff

Mr Armour - Specialist Autism Teacher

Mrs Guise - Senior ARP Co-educator

Mr Hill - ARP Co-educator


Special educational needs

At the JRCS, we strive to provide for individual needs and to offer equal opportunities for all.  We recognise, however, that children respond to learning opportunities differently and progress at different rates.  Therefore we have a team of staff which works in the classroom, with subject teachers, helping to make the work accessible to all students.  Thus, we aim to meet individual needs through the mainstream curriculum but, where it is appropriate, we do provide 1:1 or small group tutorials to help students to overcome specific problems.



What we do in the form of a word cloud:

Two years ago a dyslexic year 11 student  I key worked commented at the end of the year ; ‘I couldn’t have done it without you.’ He was referring to getting through five years at JRCS, but I knew that he could, and would have got through everything because of his motivation and determination to succeed.

All I did was to provide a listening ear and a ‘sounding board’ for him to discuss any difficulties with wok or with situations within school. I felt privileged to be part of his life at JRCS and was delighted that his excellent and well deserved GCSE results earned him a place at Havering College. He wants to be an architect and from what I’ve heard of his successes at college, he’ll achieve that too.

Co-educator 2012